Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Kill A Mockingbird

                 To Kill A Mockingbird
_Book Written by_Harper Lee_

Every person make choices. Often these are wrong choices and we are forced to live with the consequences. Have you ever sent a text you wish you could take back ? After that text was sent you had to live with the consequence that followed. Remember that detention you skipped ? The homework you didn’t turn in ? Unfinished chores ? Bad choices often lead us down the wrong road because we pull out of the situation and just listen to what the other people want us to do. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch made a huge decision, both him and his family had to live with the consequences.
Atticus agrees to defend a black man named Tom Robinson, who has been accused of raping a white woman. Because of the time period, and the setting of Maycomb, Alabama 1933-1935 there is a huge deal of segregation. Since Atticus is defending Tom, he has pretty much been disowned from the rest of the community and so goes for his children.
Atticus’ decision affected his children because at school they are a walking target at all times. Even celebrating Christmas they are a target. They were being picked on and being abused. One day, Calpurnia, the Finch’s maid, took them to her church and were taken in as if they were part of the ‘black society’. They did this because of their father taking on the case of Tom Robinson.
During the trial the children sit in the “colored balcony” with the town’s black citizens. Because Tom is ‘black’ the all white jury will convict him even though there is hard evidence saying he’s innocent. This makes it even harder on Atticus because it is clear that Atticus has no one on his side. Soon after, Bob Ewell seeks his revenge and takes it out on Atticus’ children, planning to murder them. He did this because of the evidence held against him, proving him guilty and making him look like a complete fool. Since, Atticus provided this evidence his children faced a near death consequence. But Atticus doesn't give in.
When the trial is completely over, and word has spread of Tom’s being shot during a prison escape, Scout and Jem realize their father’s advice to practice sympathy and understanding with others is a good idea. Scout uses her experience with outcasts, like Boo, and prejudice to remember not to give up.
In conclusion, you should always think twice about your actions. Sometimes there are good consequences but most times there bad ones. The choice of Atticus Finch had both good and bad consequences. If you give up when you are first put down you will never learn how to rise up from bad times. Before your action takes place you should map out your consequences and think to yourself. How will it affect you ? Your loved ones ? Friends ? Family ? Think about what will happen to yourself. Are you ready to live with life’s consequences ?


  1. 1. The thesis for this essay was Atticus Finch made a huge decision and his family and him have to live with it. The essay proves the thesis by providing examples of how Atticus and his family were affected.
    2. The part where you mentioned that since Atticus is defending Tom his family and him are disowned by the community. This was good because it shows what they have to go through to Atticus's decision for defending Tom.
    3. The essay has a really good opening. I thought that the opening was really good because it gave examples of decisions that we have made and the consequences we face because of them.
    4. I think you need to add quotes to your essay.

  2. 1. the thesis of your essay was that you should look at what you do because live gives you consequences and you have to evaluate your choices before you pick what to do
    2. The best example is when the kids are being picked on, it explains how he has to live with his consequences and how his family has to deal with them too.
    3.The conclusion of the essay was done. It was very deep!
    4. you might want to add quotes to support for examples.

  3. 1. The thesis of your essay is how you talked about whatever you do affects your life and can give you consequences.
    2. I think the best example that you have is how the children had to sit in the colored balcony. I think this is the best quote because it leads up to more about the trial.
    3. I think your introduction was very good and detailed.
    4. I dont think you need to fix anything in this essay. It was very well written.

  4. 1) the beginning of your essay is stating how you have to live with the choices you make, for example text messages you wish you can take back.
    2) the best example was the first one because it shows how there is a racism problem and how Attikis has to deal with the fact that he is supporting a black man.

    3) the details and length were the essay's strength.

    4) i think this essay was reallllllly good and you did a very good job girl. don't improve anything xD

  5. 1. The thesis of your essay is how you talked about whatever you do affects your life and can give you consequences.
    2. The best example is when the kids are being picked on, it explains how he has to live with his consequences and how his family has to deal with them too.
    3. the details and length were the essay's strength.
    4. the essay was very well written, i dont think u need to change anything.

  6. 1. The essay begins with talking about consequences we get from the choices we make.
    2. The best example was when the kids would get picked on at school because there dad is defending Tom. It explains how not only Atticus has to live with his choice also his kids have to.
    3.The writing style and detail in your essay was really good.
    4. I don't think there is anything that needs to be changed.

  7. 1. this essay starts off talking about consequence that we make from our choices
    2. the best example is how Jem and Scout sit in the colored balcony, i liked this example because most of the town is racist and then jem and scout might be the nicest people there
    3. i liked the detail and your writing style
    4. i think you did a great job! no changes! :)

    1. one detail i liked was in your concluesion, you continued to talk about choices and how they might affect your fammily, loved ones, and friends

  8. 1. This essay begins talking about how our choices impact our lives. it also relates real life decisions
    2. the best example is when the kids are being bullied. i like this one because it shows how one persons decision affects not only them but their family too
    3. i liked the detail and how organized it was
    4. you did a great job and i dont think anything has to be fixed. i liked your conclusion because it was very deep