Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Kill A Mockingbird

                 To Kill A Mockingbird
_Book Written by_Harper Lee_

Every person make choices. Often these are wrong choices and we are forced to live with the consequences. Have you ever sent a text you wish you could take back ? After that text was sent you had to live with the consequence that followed. Remember that detention you skipped ? The homework you didn’t turn in ? Unfinished chores ? Bad choices often lead us down the wrong road because we pull out of the situation and just listen to what the other people want us to do. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch made a huge decision, both him and his family had to live with the consequences.
Atticus agrees to defend a black man named Tom Robinson, who has been accused of raping a white woman. Because of the time period, and the setting of Maycomb, Alabama 1933-1935 there is a huge deal of segregation. Since Atticus is defending Tom, he has pretty much been disowned from the rest of the community and so goes for his children.
Atticus’ decision affected his children because at school they are a walking target at all times. Even celebrating Christmas they are a target. They were being picked on and being abused. One day, Calpurnia, the Finch’s maid, took them to her church and were taken in as if they were part of the ‘black society’. They did this because of their father taking on the case of Tom Robinson.
During the trial the children sit in the “colored balcony” with the town’s black citizens. Because Tom is ‘black’ the all white jury will convict him even though there is hard evidence saying he’s innocent. This makes it even harder on Atticus because it is clear that Atticus has no one on his side. Soon after, Bob Ewell seeks his revenge and takes it out on Atticus’ children, planning to murder them. He did this because of the evidence held against him, proving him guilty and making him look like a complete fool. Since, Atticus provided this evidence his children faced a near death consequence. But Atticus doesn't give in.
When the trial is completely over, and word has spread of Tom’s being shot during a prison escape, Scout and Jem realize their father’s advice to practice sympathy and understanding with others is a good idea. Scout uses her experience with outcasts, like Boo, and prejudice to remember not to give up.
In conclusion, you should always think twice about your actions. Sometimes there are good consequences but most times there bad ones. The choice of Atticus Finch had both good and bad consequences. If you give up when you are first put down you will never learn how to rise up from bad times. Before your action takes place you should map out your consequences and think to yourself. How will it affect you ? Your loved ones ? Friends ? Family ? Think about what will happen to yourself. Are you ready to live with life’s consequences ?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Old Man And The Sea Book Review~~~The Stoy of a Boring Fisherman

                     The Story of a Boring Fisherman
                    The Old Man and the Sea ~ Ernest Hemingway. Scribner Paperback Fiction, 1952.
                                                                Genre : Fiction

             The Old Man and the Sea is a book about an Old Fisherman named Santiago. This Fisherman has been unlucky and often get's very hungry due to the lack of food and money he has. No one has faith or believes in him except a young boy. He knew this boy because he helped the old man in the past on his fishing journey's. This olf man's goal is to catch a large fish, but his dream encounters some issues. After three days at sea, the first fish he catches pulls the boat. Then he catches and eachs a dolphin to satisfy his hunger. The next day he has to fight off sharks to defend the Marlin he caught.When he goes to return to his home, and show off his fish, the fish (Marlin) is only bone.

             "This is one of the most boring books I've ever read. I had to read this back in high school. In that time I struggled with reading it because it was so boring it took me almost a month to finish it...." ~Bonnie Gage, reviewer

               I chose this quote because I storngly agree. I am in High School now and have to read this book. I found this book very boring because it talks about a topic I'm not really interested in. I don't like fishing or reading so that automatically gives this book a bad review form me. I also agreed with this quote becuase it did take me awhile to read it because it lagged and was boring.

           "He took hold of the line carefully so that it did not fit into any of the fresh line cuts and shifted his weight so that he could put his left hand into the sea on the other side of the skiff." page 84-85

         This quote shows imagery. Ernest Hemingway tried to show us what the old man felt through words. I better understood what was going on because I could some-what see what the man was seeing and feeling. I had a better idea of where he was and it made he think of the open ocean.

          Compared to the Vladimir Tod books ive read, The Old Man and the Sea is really boring. I prefer books of my liking and will to read on my own. I didn't choose to read The Old Man and the Sea so it made the book that much more boring. The author of the Vladimir Tod books, Heather Brewer, uses detail so that you feel and see what Vlad is seeing.

          I think this quote is right. You can destroy the feelings and hope of another person but they are the one who chooses if and when they will give up. It is their power to give up if they want. Anyone can destroy you but it's up to that person to continue fighting.

        I did not like this book because the topic was one that I could not relate to. I don't like fishing or the ocean so I was not engaged in this book. If the topic was something different I probably would've liked it.

 The Old Man and the Sea : 2 paws; Find Better Pray

Monday, March 11, 2013


The Exorcist

My name is Devin. I’m 15 and my family and I just moved into a new house. Everyone we passed told us to turn around and never look back. What was that supposed to mean? Approaching the house I figured out why we got this place for so cheap. The outside looked like a depressed man slapped his sorrow all over the place.

 I walked into the house searching for the room that would suit me best. On the second floor there was a room at the end of the hall. The door was black and looked as if there was blood dripping from the top of the door. As I walked closer I realized it was real blood. I stood in front of the door and put my hand out, touching the door, letting the blood run down my arm. Why was it warm? I opened the door and the whole room was covered in blood too.

   I looked to my right and saw a boy in the corner. He looked just like me...I walked towards him. I can feel his gaze intense on me. He tilted his head to the side and smiled, eyes glowing iridescent. Our eyes met and in the matter of a second, he made me bend backwards, snapping my spine in half. I could feel the veins in my neck popping out in pain. I snapped myself back up straight. He looked into my eyes and said, “Let’s play a Game”

     A tear streamed down my face, still hurting from the pain. Why didn't my spine breaking kill me ? It was clear to me that he wanted me alive. I went up to the attic and I found a book about how his family.  I found out that his great uncle went on a killing spree  and murdered his entire family, blaming it on him. Now his soul was stuck in this house, and he himself could not be released unless there was a child of his own age willing to help him. That kid was me. I could feel his soul bound with mine.

     I woke up the next morning with no pain whatsoever. I walked towards the stairs and he attacked. My body bent all the way backwards, hands and feet holding me up. My neck spun around and I crawled down the stairs and into the kitchen. WHY WAS HE DOING THIS TO ME ? I snapped  back up to normal position before my father saw me. I thought it was over but my brain started glitching, twitching and bending in random ways. My dad looked at me in terror. He ran to the phone and called someone. I told my dad about what I read from the old book in the attic.
        Later that afternoon, a priest approached my house. I sat by the window and watched him as he spoke to my dad. Holding his cross and bible he looked at me in fear that I won’t be healed. As soon as he walked into my living room, the bending began, the pain increased and he knew it was time to go.
      The priest laid out all of his equipment and the pain grew. He strapped me to a table and I couldn't control him anymore. He took over my body.With the lights flickering, the priest began the exorcism. He poured cold water all over me, covered my face in a towel and began chanting. The pain grew stronger as every word came out of his mouth. After what seemed like an hour or so, I could feel his escape. I could feel him crawling through my body. Inch by Inch I could feel him crawling out of my body. I could feel his hands going up my throat, his knee in my rib cage and his head by my spine. Every time he moved I could feel it. I could feel his pain on top of mine.

             His hand kept moving up my throat, scratching his way to my face. His hand came out of my mouth and grabbed my right cheek. He pulled his way out of my body. First his arms, then his whole upper body was out. He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled himself out of me. He ran to the corner of the room and started rocking himself, screeching. The priest pulled out a black doll and said "beast begone !"

              The boys crawled out and his soul went into the doll. The priest burned the doll and I knew then, that his soul was set free of the pain he lived with daily. Him and his family can rest in peace. Not bothered by the outside world.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Keep Calm, Listen To Music, and Love Powerade

Have you ever thought of the world coming to an end ? Of course you did. It’s 2013. We survived the end like a boss. Will your money save you ? Will it keep you sane ? Or will the only thing you have left be your precious moments and memories. Yeah I get it, iPhones are useful but when it’s the end, it is virtually worthless. Would your phone apps tell you how to survive ? Maybe. But that’s not the point.

Keep calm, everything is going to work out. I’m in my room right now, worrying about how I am going to finish this essay. It’s 11:45 pm and honestly I barely even started. Fun. Anyway, music is my passion. As I sit here, writing this paper I am listening to music. Feeling the bass hit me. I take a deep breath, feeling the music, the bass, listening to every word as it sends a strong vibe. I value those meanings. I feel my music is priceless. Each song brings back a different memory. Each memory...Priceless.

In the summer I like to kick back and relax. I also like to go out, but who doesn't ? With the sun constantly at your back you tend to get dehydrated easier, especially during sports. I personally like...well drink powerade. I only drink the blue one though, blue is my favorite color. Depending on my mood depends on how many I drink. On a daily basis, I drink four to five. I know its a lot but I can’t help it ! Usually powerade is no more than two dollars but with this economy, you never know. I think powerade is the best. Not only is it healthy but it’s delicious, cheap and keeps you hydrated...And me happy.

Both powerade and music are very important to me. They both keep me happy and going about my day. Each of these have meaning to my life, each a different meaning, but amazing just the same. Powerade and music are a must have. Other girls want 80 dollar pants and hundreds of dollars worth of crap they don’t really need. All I want is to remember memories through songs and a simple powerade. some similarities include the way each of them make me feel, Powerade and music give me a rush. Powerade, when it gets in my reach, make me instantly happy. Same with music. With every word of a song comes back a specific memory, all in the matter of seconds with one word.

As much as powerade and music are are alike, they are also very different. I’ll tell you why. As you may already know...Or don’t know...Powerade is a liquid drink, and in my opinion, tastes amazing. On the other hand, music is a load of awesome in the form of a song. I value both but each has a different meaning to my life. Powerade is bought in many different flavors, unless you're messed up like me, and and buy one of each, mix them together, and create a new flavor.. I do this with my friend, Jess. Makes no sense, right ? Well to me it makes perfect sense. Music, on the other hand...Right one to be exact... Is my passion. Every word has meaning, whereas in powerade, every drop may not. As you can see, they’re both valued very differently. For example, in screamo songs, I feel they don’t screamo to annoy you. I think they do it so you actually pay close attention to what the blur coming from their mouths actually mean. Or, with every powerade there may be a story behind it. I value music the way I do because with every song, there's a different emotional connection. Yes, I know, I picked to items that are virtually impossible to express my love for...So, bare with me. I value powerade as if it is an everyday thing that everyone has heard, and is familiar about. Powerade can really only be priced for me because it is disappointing when I run out, and there's nothing like a priced item that you have to keep spending money on. But, I do anyway. Music, though, I value like it’s the last thing that I have left. If the world came to an end, which it hadn't...yet...because if it did, I wouldn't be writing this paper now. As you should now know, not everything has the same value. It’s those precious moments and memories that say whether or not that item has value. Not that tiny price tag that triples the amount you wanted to spend.
Finally, in conclusion, powerade and music mean alot to me. All I want is to kick back, pop open a powerade and listen to music, embracing  each memory in each word. I want to get those impulses sent through my body in every ounce of bass. I want to taste that liquid satisfaction. Value cannot be described by anyone but yourself. People might know what you've been through but they do not know how you felt during that time. Like stated in the Black Veil Brides song “In The End”....”Who will tell the story of your life and who will remember, your last goodbye ? “... No one.. only you can because you were there and felt everything. You are the one who priced that moment. Value is what you make it. That’s how I value my life’s priced and priceless moments. How do you ?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod : 9th Grade Slays

By; Heather Brewer
Penguin books 2008 ~ Fantasy

Vladimir Tod is not your typical Ninth grader. Try, let’s say..a vampire human. Practicing  and mastering his vampire skills hasn’t always been on his list of favorite things to do. Until now. With your best friends cousin being a vampire slayer you have no choice. Vlad was sent to Siberia with his uncle Otis so he can find inner peace to train and perfect his skills. Upon his return  he finds out that his best friends (Henry) cousin, Joss is hunting him. Vlad took a stake to the heart and nearly died. His life is at stake...literally. Vlad was lucky enough to survive.

Quote about the book;
"NINTH GRADE SLAYS is creepy, thrilling and hilarious! Heather Brewer is the natural successor to Joss Whedon!" ~ Jonathan Maberry

About the Book;
I have read other books by Heather Brewer such as the first Vladimir Tod book, Eighth Grade Bites; and many many others. In all of her books you are grabbed from beginning to end and you will find the book hard to put down. Another author, Neal Shusterman, also has pieces like this one. Both authors have amazing detail that allows you to see what the characters see.

Quote from the Book;
“ A low buzzing sound drifted over his face, paused then moved again toward his right ear. He popped open one eye and glared in disgust at the house fly that was hovering about the room. So that’s what woke him.      Pg. 5

Personal Story;
Like Vlad, I am very shy, ‘dark’, ‘depressing’, and impulsive. Although these are freak personalities; they have saved my butt a few times. One of these times was during a game of manhunt. I used my shyness to an advantage for my hiding skills, and my ‘dark and ‘depressing’ side to remain hidden. My dark clothing and ghost like shyness kept me hidden for quite awhile. When I came out from my hiding I was then shot at with a paintball gun. If it weren't for my cat like reflexes I would’ve been hit right smack in the face. After dodging the paintball I quickly shot one back and hit them. I was victorious.

Tiger Rating;
I give this book 5 Paws ~ Devour it !

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Listen to the way I Live Now

Owen From Just Listen
Elizabeth “Daisy” from How I Live Now

Just Listen to the Way I Live Now

After getting arrested for the incident with William Cash, Will lied saying to the court that Owen had broken into his house stealing merchandise and creating thousands of dollars worth of damage. Owen was then sent to England to attend an anger management bootcamp which will occur over a 3 year period.
Before boarding the plane, Owen swept a gentle kiss upon Annabels lips, both of them tearing...saying their last goodbyes. It was then time to board the plane. While on the plane, Owen was cherishing the last good-byes from Annabel, his girl friend, when suddenly red lights flashed, people screamed at the top of their lungs. Looking out the window he realized they were in the middle of a storm...crash landing. In England. How fun.
When the plane stopped falling, finally meeting the rugged Earth, It was silent. As the dust cleared he could see no survivors besides himself. Owen then unstrapped the seat belts locating a long bruise across his abdomen. So much for the protection of seatbelts.
Exiting the plane was quite an adventure. Creeping across the still, cold, lifeless bodies. A cold sickening shrill crawled up his back giving him an uneasy feeling. The plane had landed in a, what looks like,  the remainder of a field. With smog in the sky, and a thick, fog that yearned to hug your lungs until you could no longer breathe how inviting.
Owen wandered around the back woods for what seemed like eternity seeking a form of human life. Nothing. Just a faint scratchy warning from a black crow in the distance. Walking and walking endlessly can get pretty boring, especially when your alone in what seems like a graveyard.
After walking for about two hours, give or take, he spotted a house in the distance. With is heart pumping, beating rapidly, he ran as fast as he could up the dry hill. When he finally approached the house there was a guy sitting in a chair in the lawn. He slowly approached this man and asked where he was.
No response.
Helloooo? Owen said ticked off.
Just as Owen was losing faith in this man, a girl crossed through the lawn. She smiled and invited him in for some tea and again Owen asked, “Where am I?”
She smiled and said, “Welcome to England.”
He then found out her age, name and learned a little bit about the guy in the yard. She said his name was Edmond and that he was still in shock for the recent bombing. Observing Daisy more closely Owen noticed that she was so familiar in many ways. The way she walked, the way she talked, her body language...Everything.
Owen then realized that she was exactly like Annabel.
“Daisy...” Owen asked, “You remind me of a really close friend back home...”
She looked at him.
“I really miss her and I was wondering if you could show me the way to the airport...”
Daisy looked at him with a cold stare.
“Why Owen, I’m afraid that isn’t possible...”
Owen was puzzled.
“All airports have been closed due to the recent bombings. I’m really sorry...”
Irritated, Owen said his “Thank you’s“ and started on his way.
“Wait!” yelled an unfamiliar girl, “I’ll take you there.”
Owen got into her car and they were on their way to the airport. Finally. The trip was about an hour long. They laughed and shared some stories, when Piper explained about Edmond and the war he looked down.
Piper then stated, “Oh by the way...”
Owen looked suspiciously at her.
“In order to get on that plane, you need to get past the guards.”
“No problem.” he said, completely unaware of the amount of security.
Piper dropped Owen off in the near woods by the airport and left without question. Owen slipped on to the airport grounds and into the back of a newly painted, forest green, armoured up Hummer. How Nice.
Quickly ripping open bags of equipment and clothing, he found a slightly used, semi-baggy uniform. Slipping it on and grabbing some ammunition he ran as fast as he could, zipping up his pants trying to express he was late for boarding. Since  Owen was slightly taller and had larger muscles than an average 17 year old, it was fairly easy to pass himself as a military boeuf. As quick as possible, he boarded the plane and found a seat near the window in the far back right corner.
Annabel Here I Come, he thought.
Owen dozed off dreaming of the reactions from friends and family upon his return.